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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

EatFiend @ Bbq 81, North Park San Diego

This place recently shut down, which kind of bummed me out...
You can't deny how great this bbq is! Half rack of pork ribs, collared greens, Hawaiian sweet rolls and some green beans! Yum!
Meat sandwiches and potato salad for days!
Just slather that shit bbq sauce!
Went with a deep crew, that's why I was able to get some good pics. The more I look at these pics, the more bummed I am that this place is gone. San Diego just doesn't appreciate good homestyle bbq.
This dish didn't stand a chance!
Pretty obvious why it shut down.
The spot was owned/ tributed to the owners father whom was a retired football player. 
He played for the L.A. Rams.
I must admit, their helmets are pretty cool.
Plenty of beer on tap. Just no patrons. It was rad that we got to experience this spot.
Too bad, considering they had great reviews on Yelp.



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