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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery / Shred Shots-John Belushi, Slappys Garage and DTSD

Ever been to Habit Burger? It's located in Mission Valley. Definitely a good alternative if you don't feel like joining the rat race at your local In-N-Out burger. I chowed that greasy fucker down! 
Food party at the gal-pals house. Fuck load of food.
Eat, seek, destroy! Plus, free beer!
Been to so many shows lately, it's hard to tell which one this was. I was probably drunk. No wait, I was most definitely drunk.
He was already a hero of mine and I wasn't even born yet.
Legends never die.
If I could be just half the man he was...
Morning hype!
Young Figgy. Truely a testament of thing to come.
Finally got around to checking out Slappys Garage. Located in downtown San Diego at 465 17th street. Check 'em out!
They have all kinds of fun stuff to shred. This red curb thingy was heavy as fuck to drag out, but it was waaaaaay worth it!
ItWasTheLight testing the waters
Then the bub Cody showed up and started laying down hurricane grinds practically every try!
Back blunt butt shot.
I was literally laying on my belly to get this shot! As seen on my Instagram.
Headless skatesman with a no-comply nose grabber.
I performed a lobotomy on Cody by chopping his head off.
Bombing parking garages since forever. I love this pic. Clear blue skies, Cody kickflipping and ItWasTheLight charging!
Kickflips for days! Go figure he is a Carlin.
This place rules and it's pretty close. If yer too lazy to drive to Wing N Things (like I am), give it a shot. You won't be disappointed.
Committing a bang-bang!
Mouth fucking watering.
All geared up and ready for a bike ride! Always make sure you stay hydrated. I taped a few grenades to the frame because dehydration is a phobia of mine. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!



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