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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Stinkys Birthday at Gillys, North Park

Wallet is getting thick. Here today, gone tomorrow they say.
Early shift at Unit Craft. I was the first one there.
Spent most of the day building toe-kicks.
Minotinous work, but whatever.
Got to play with a nail gun!
For those that don't know, this is what your island, kitchen counter, bathroom vanity sits on top of.
Hence the name "toe-kick". I'm learning! Yay!
Moving on, eggs over easy with hashbrowns.
Blurry rides home. That's the moon just above the bridge. It looked huge.
The money pit...
Dream mobile. Fine lookin' automobile right there.
Stinky's birthday at the Turf Club. Here he is being a slob, shuving garlic bread into his suckhole.
King Baby was on top of the grilling duties.
Igby the beer box kitty.
Bummed that BBQ 81 closed.
Pool time at Gilly's. Where everybody knows our names! Notice that Stinkys girlfriend wasn't around. That's because he dumped her at the Turf Club! She went out storming. Kudos to Stinky for having the balls to dump her at the dinner table.
Rack 'em up!
Favorite bar in North Park.
Found this gem on YouTube!
Then Stinky turned into WhiskeySlimeMike and he passed out at the bar.
He needed to piss.
Then he spent some quality time cleaning the dirty ass ground with his butt!
This is what happens when you try to catch me. You will fail, you will fall and you will be in pain!
He's alright. Just drilled his shoulder and head. Nos bigs deals.
Case in point. The sound he makes when he crashed into the lamp post makes me laugh every friggin' time.
Afterwards, we hit up Fillibertos.
NastyNeil joined us.
It was a good night for all (except for Stinky).



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