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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Viva Las Vegas part 2

Hung the fuck over, but that has never stopped me before.
Especially when I'm on vacation.
Before leaving our room I thought it was a good idea to take a picture of our room number since the wife and I stumbled around floor 23 instead of floor 32 the  night before.
Went down stairs and used our complimentary tickets to the free buffet! 
Boo ya!
Needless to say I had a taste of everything.
Fuckin' all you can eat baby!
Had to get some veggies in me. Needed the the vitamins to help me with my hangover.
BBQ station baby! Collared greens, mashed yams, beans, shredded pork, everything a hungry bub could want! I was in fat kid heaven.
Pork ribs. I dipped mine inside of that bowl of bbq sauce on the right.
'Nuff said.
It's pronounced "Asino", the "A" is silent.
Just kidding!
The wife went back to the room to sleep it off and I was in the mood to sweat it out.
Time for some sight seeing.
Awwwwwww yea.
Really wanted to see this. Maybe next time.
Awesome how Fred Armisen destroyed "Blackbird". He sang it on Howard Stern's 60th birthday but I couldn't find that version. It was a real hoot. Enjoy!
Worlds biggest fork. I'd say I've lived a full life.
Just because...
Caesars Palace. 
I encountered many of these turn-styles. For some reason, the drunken weirdo in me had to do a full rotation before exiting. This happened each time I went through one. It annoyed the shit outta the wife. I'm sure the locals have witnessed wackier shit.
My favorite hotel, the Belaggio. Doesn't get any classier and high stakes than this joint right here.
The first time I witnessed this water show was back in 2003. It was synchronized to "Lady Luck" by 'ol blue eyes.
During the day it was blasting some shitty techno song. Music these days suck balls.
Still pretty amazing to watch.
Sinatra is Vegas to me. So fucking cool when he blows on the dice and takes a roll.
Fucking legend.
Eiffel tower. Maybe I'll see the real thing one day.
Dude doesn't even have to lift a finger to get some cabbage.
I love this jokester. Don fuckin' Rickles.
I thought Planet Hollywood went bankrupt.
Buildings. Lines. Symmetry.
Now that's a deal!
Orange you glad you came to Vegas?
Pretty rad show. I didn't go inside the bar.
Here kitty kitty kitty.
The ladies loved these two.
Another angle.
How is he doing that?
My favorite picture of the day.
This is how I feel when I wake up still drunk in the morning...
I want this house with all the gadgets. Dream home.
Yep, even in Sin City, skateboarding is a fucking crime. Suck it copper!
Gene Simmons apparently quit his day job.
Later on, a cold brew for me.
Then I found this beautiful hog.
Alotta hours must have gone into this.
Fucking raaaaaaaaaad.
Then I went and made a few sports bets. It was the first money I had gambled of the trip and it felt like I did a drug. Here's to the Padres winning the World Series and the Patriots winning another Super Bowl!

Stay tuned for part 3...



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