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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Skating, Food and Friendships

Public service announcement. 
Real To Reel
They have a new home. Somewhere on Pacific Coast Highway. I'm gonna miss this location, but I'm looking forward to checking out the new shop.
Gone but not out.
Old Mill Cafe with Stinky.
He went with the salsbury steak. Old Mill is always a good place for a home cooked meal.
I went with the corned beef. Pretty good, but it was weird eating it without a pint of Guinness.
It's about that time! BACON TIME!
Sleepy kitty kicking it in the backyard.
The homey Stewart with a backside heelflip.
He can backside heelflip, but he can't backside kickflip. So confusing. Kids these days go about the hard shit before the basics.
ItWasTheLight rockin' his new Sunnyvale hockey jersey.
"Shane Korrison would kick your ass!"
This was his impression of BornRetard knocking over his stacks of cd's back at the Louisiana street house. Good times back then.
"Friends? We're not friends."
Friendships a la shitships.
BornRetard, not holding is liquor accordingly. 
This dudes commentary of the DPC vid is absolutely priceless.
Best part, especially since I filmed a few clips! BornRetard with a fakie tailslide? I bet you never knew he had it in him.
NastyNeil, breaking the shitty news to BornRetards girlfriend that he is drunk, kicking it with us of all people.
Not that he gave a shit anyway.
Nans filter. My favorite.
The next day, KingBaby rolls over with this weird boiling device that will slow cook meat to such a tender state you'll swear its pussy in yer mouth.
He brought over a whole chicken, completely de-boned. I gotta learn how to do that.
I found this video very informative. Plus I love how he kept referring to the bird as a "carcass".
Plus he wraps it in BACON!
Just put it in the water and wait.
I was also making burgers. You know I'm always on the frying grind!
My favorite bar in San Diego, Gilleys. Where nobody knows yer name, they just know yer a drunk.
Photograffitti. Big fucking ollie by Route44's best.
WormTits just can't stop falling on his face. Maybe he thinks he's an ugly duckling and he's trying to give himself some poor mans plastic surgery.




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