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Monday, March 23, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Viva Las Vegas part 1

Headed out to Vegas with the wife!
Let the shitbaggery commence.
Ran into ShirleySwallows at the airport bar. She hooked it up with a few bottles of liquor before we caught our flight. She has a big heart.
My traditional pre-flight white Russian. Helps keep the anxiety of flying down. The wife went with some Sculpin. Great times were about to be had...
Calm as Hindu cows.
Already a bit tipsy by the time we landed in Vegas. It was my first time flying into Vegas. Hadn't been to Sin City in over ten years.

Nobody makes it cooler than ZZ Top!
Vegas is always over the top, from bottom to top.
Hallways that all look the same.
Reminded me of The Shining.
My favorite horror movie of all time. Still freaks me out.
Our friends were staying at the Palazzo.
We stayed literally across the strip, it was about $200 cheaper.
Vegas strip from an overpass.
I was taking pics like a Japanese man witnessing the second coming of Godzilla.
Steam punk ceiling.
The meeting of lifelong friends and mean bitches alike.
I was just there for the ride.
View from their Palazzo room.

Here is a more upbeat version. I love the Dead Kennedys.
That's Greg in the middle. He's a good guy.
Blurry night photos. Better get used to it.
Heading to the club, 'cuz that's what the birthday girl wanted to do. Shake her ass.
Best friends arm in arm.
Photo ops to preserve the memories.
Michelle the birthday girl was so giddy she couldn't stay still.
Oh yea, it was also the Chinese new year.
Trying to get into the club without paying an absurd admission price. Bossie was on it.
Tryst was the name of the joint and it was popping. Not really my scene, but hey, it wasn't  my party either. The place was fucking crowded as shit. Heinekens were $22 a bottle.

This place was too intense for me. Good thing I was drunk and open minded.
The level of douchebaggery was at 11.
Afterwards, we headed back to the room and had a good 'ol time!
Girls and symmetry.
The crew had plenty of liquor, but I like my beer. So naturally I went on a beer run.
That's how I roll.
Then things began to get really weird. Look at that camel toe.
I liked these paintings.

Next post is gonna be a hungover one.



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