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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Hanging with Larue and Superpokerfuntime!

Always a good time hanging with the bub Larue.
The following pics were over the course of two days.
Rad shit hangin' on the walls at his house. Baby calf. I wonder what it tasted like.
Haven't tried gator yet either. Someday.
We had a fun session at Dallas park. This place is pretty awesome when there are no bikers or scooter kooks.
The sun was hot, but who dives a shit.
Post skate session snack.
Getting weird on the way home.
Larue peeling a hard boiled egg as he handles the driving duties.
Cold brew on the porch.
So rad.
A few hours later, met my parents at the King Fish in Mission Valley for my old man's birthday party. New England clam chowder.
Deep fried calamari.
Oysters on the half shell. Oh my!
Spicy tuna roll.
Mashed potatoes, brazed carrots and filet mignon.
Mouth fucking watering.
The next day. Breakfast of fucking champions.
Came across this fucking beastly bank the bub Dolan Stearns switch 180'd into.
Later in the evening, pre poker bbq party.
Guess who?
"Hold on."
Too fuckin' cool for school.
This stuff is amazing.
Even bought some pork chops too.
Getting creative with my longanesa.
Competition was fierce.
Stoney jabronis.
A+ crew in my opinion.
The man, the myth, the legend.
Bottoms up!
Craig is too fast and too furious.



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