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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Kittys and Steak Dining

What else is there to say? Everybody knows I love skateboarding, food and kitty cats!
If yer not into it, go kick rocks.
Recently remodeled PQ park session. Had alot of fun here, and I also filmed a tight clip of Capt.KangLarue here. That bub is legit as fuck.
Came home from skateboarding and the bub WormTits hands me a pizza bowl. FUCK YEA!
Furry little monster man posing for Cat Fancy.
He's over it. Much like his daddy.
"Don't fuck with me, I'm sunbathing."
The kids are alright.
Potato party.
T-bone steaks.
I like to keep it greasy as fuck!
As usual, a meal fit for a King!
Public service announcement: BBQ OR DIE!
Lame moon shot. Eat yer heart out National Geographic.

More coming never.



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