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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Spicy Sausage Mac 'N Cheese

Bear witness to pasta night. One of the best and affordable nights any American home can have...
Leftover meat spaghetti from a few days ago.
After a long hard day at work, it is not unheard of me having a snack before dinner...
I always tell the wife "I haven't eaten anything since noon!"
Yea right.
This IPA was on sale for $17.99, which I consider a great deal! At a bar, yer paying atleast 4-5 dollars a pint. So it was a no brainer.
All reved up and ready to go! Tonights dinner is gonna be hot, hot, hot!
Sausage party. Louisiana hot links are the best out here in San Diego.
Top left I have butter melting with a splash of milk and some flour to thicken it up. Meat always be cookin' up in here bub.
It was my first time partying with Velveeta cheese. That stuff goes a long friggin' way.
I gotta think of more recipes involving this artery clogging yellow brick of goodness.
Note to self: Stir in flour before adding Velveeta cheese. It still came out good though.
I can hear the sizzling as I type this.
WormTits showed up with a couple of choice cuts! Fuggit, guess we are having steak too!
After boiling the shells, I added two cans of spicy diced tomatoes and a jar of jalapenos to top that bad boy off!
Now the ceremonial dumping of the cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.
In this case, the cheesed oes not stand alone.
A gigantic tray of cheesy, spicy goodness.
Time to add panko crumbs on top...
Watched some Simpsons while the pasta baked in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.
Came out just right!
Slice that sausage up ya heard!
Cooking is so fun.
Covered the steaks in garlic butter. Fucking amazing.
Wish I had some leftovers right now, I ate this for lunch for the next few days.
First blood was drawn. Now it's time to let the vultures at it.
Look at it! It was about two inches thick!
Medium rare steak on the side! That's how we do it over here at EatFiend HQ.
Nothing but the meatiest and greediest!



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