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Monday, April 13, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- I Went For A Ride

Great times are had, but every now and then you need a moment to reflect and take some time alone and put yerself through the ringer.
 Life goals: Punch through a house.
 Tried to pretend I was the Incredible Hulk, but the house won.
Rode my beater bike from North Park all the way down to the shipyards.
America, fuck yea. I say that with great pride.

Kept heading south and saw sights I had never seen before.
Steep ass pyramid banks. I think Jimmy Carlin had an Osiris commercial here.
Literally slipped and fell on my ass walking down that bank. This place has potential for some DIY action.
Spot scouting a steep ass bank.
Ledges shredded by legends of yesteryear.
This spot looked pretty rad to me.
I like train tracks. They can be a symbol of which side yer on. Or even an adventure untold. 
Take the plunge. Do it.
Love my bike 'cuz it ain't nice. I represent 'Ol Glory anywhere I go.
The bike path just kept taking me south. I had nothing but time to kill.
Heavy tag area.
Can't say I didn't like it. Made the ride that much more enjoyable.
Mountains of salt.
They got bigger as I drew closer.
Fuckin' hell, I wanted to climb it! Then I realized I didn't want to die in a salt avalanche.
Rusty ass industrial area. Driven by this structure for years. This was the closest I've ever been to it.
Still don't know what the fuck it does.
Then I ended up in Imperial Beach. Did you know there are ranches with horses there?
Learn something new every day.
Decided to head to the border. Yee haw!
Tijuana, off in the distance.
There was a heavy presence of border patrol agents everywhere at this point.
End of the 5 freeway.
My beater bike was getting the job done!
Mellow ass handrails down in San Ysidro. All you have to do is go to San Ysidro.
Almost there.
Kind of a weird entrance. It looked sorta newish, but reminded me of some post apocalyptic movie I'd seen a dozen times before.
Made it! Rode my bike all the way from North Park. Life hammer.
This was the last picture I'd taken of the day since the sun was going down. I rode my bike all the way home and my groin, calves and thighs were cramping up like a mother fucker.
Somehow I made it home. I DID IT!
Wine and flowers for the in-laws.
Random pizza joint. Gotta even give the small guys a chance.
Tasty Pizza. Don't be fooled when you order online or by phone. There are a bunch of these in S.D.
When yer in the hood, you gotta have them baby photos up to make them robbers think twice.
Pepperoni and green bell pepper. One of my favorites!
Tomato, sausage, onion and jalapeno. That's how we do.
Pepperoni, sausage and feta cheese. Definitely one of my favorites!
Gotta have that cheesy bread!
Biscuit was impersonating my fat ass. That's how we sleep.
Like father like son.
Taking all offers. In the meantime, PAR-CARTY!



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