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Friday, April 10, 2015

Shred Shots- Chicano Park Shredding

It's Spring time which means the heat is coming in!
When I received a call from Larue to meet up at Chican Park to skate the ledges, I was more than stoked to shred in the shade. I also would have settled for WSVT.
The sesh had a heavy crew of Pacific Drive bub's.
As usual, BK was ripping shit up with ease. Slappy backside nosegrind.
Vinndogg filming "Fuck This Video Too". Can't wait to see that one.
He was even casually 50-50ing it.
I'm currently debating whether this should be called a "slappy crooks"? Or a "wallie crooked grind".
Either way, BK is very talented.
Larue nailing a slappy front 5-0. He later back 180'd out of the aforementioned trick.
He was popping out early, into the bank too.
Larue with a front 5-0 back 180 out. I wanted to film the clip with my phone, but didn't want to poach.
The "lady" definitely was a dude.
Different angles. Blah blah blah.
Poorly shot frontside slappy.
I think he slipped out on this one.
Onto work on the slappy nose grind.
I even managed to get a frontside wallride. It wasn't easy.
So sick.
VinnDog and his dog. Cute lil' bugger.
He must have grinded the shit outta this thing at least twenty times.
Latrue working on a nosegrind. I don't think he landed it, but I prefer to like to think that he did.
BK is slappy happy.
There were a bunch of bikers too, they kept their distance. Doing their own thing.
Another casual as fuck backside grind.
Really dug the shado on this one. A skateboard is such a beautiful toy.
Handsome lookin' bub right there.
Then I took a solo skate around the block and went spot scouting.
This guy looked cool.
Stand tall my friend.
Tight ass crew.
Hobo-Henry decided to watch in on the action.

This didn't happen at Chicano Park, but there are crazy fucks like this guy around there.
This is grounds for straight up murder. I seriously hope that crackhead is dead. I would lose it.
Then the dude licks it. Fucking gross.



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