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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Keeping It Casual

Made a stop at this spot for some dinner.
Located on El Cajon boulevard.
Legit combos. A little pricey. But it beats having to drive to Wings N Things.
First time getting the cheese sticks. Very legitimate. Deep fried food at it's best!
Mandatory belly photo of Biscuit.
Morning jams on my way to a skatepark.
Poods park is the best park around.
Box kitty.
Weird board I randomly saw. Bud logos, GIRL loge. What the fuck is ALIFE?
They're cool with each other.
A little sippy poo.
Evening hype.
Everybody loves Leo!
Poker winnings, I won a real tournament at a casino. I was the last man standing.
Fuckin' made my week!
Skate Night bbq. The kids hadn't yet seen "Cold War". Zero skateboards latest installment.
Beautiful symmetry engulfed in flames.
Got home later and made the whole house smell like bbq. It was awesome.
The fog came rolling in from the south. I couldn't pass up on this photo opportunity.
Blurry, failed panorama.
If he fits, he sits.
DHodge rides a scooter.
Every one of these falls had me laughing my ass off until the very end...
Fip came by the park and checked in. This bub rules.
Guinness bombs give you strength!
Hot wings.
See Biscuit in the background?
First time ever having KFC's pop corn chicken. I must admit, they were amazing.
"I'm gonna beat it up with some honey mustard sauce!"
This dude cracked me up. The spaceship scene was the best.
Sushi time at Zensei, my closest sushi bar.
Reality sucks. My ankles suck.
Burger while driving. I'm a hungry man on the go.
Route 44 Skate Shop new location on Pacific Coast Highway. It's a little further from my pad, but I'm just glad they are still around.
Chorizo and sausage tacos!
Andre the Giant lives on!
Don't have any memories of him wrestling on t.v., but I do still love "The Princess Bride".
"Anybody want a peanut?"
Kiss from a rose.
La Jolla. Very tight transition. Not really skate worthy.

Killer view though.



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