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Friday, April 17, 2015

Shred Shots- TheKing, Butterface, Larue, BPerelson and #ShredBros

A helluva lot of shredding going down these days. Just trying to capture a bit of stoke every now and then...
 ChestyLarue with a push carve. That shit is really hard! Especially in a dang pool.
Photo by Tosh Rice

Fatman doing a lipslide. I'm working on getting this down on some bigger shit.

Brandon Perelson with a 1st try grab in the back bowl, Nado park.

Right after, he straight up fucking ollied it.

High speed tail slide. By the way, he is on Vox now.
Click here to see him shred.
Butterface with a 1st try front tail on a dirty ass ledge in Hillcrest.
 BornRetard doing his best Karate Kid impression. I have no idea what the fuck he was trying here.
TheFillipinoKing with a stylish backlip.
The 300 pound Ham with a frontside slasher. This bub rules. Love the ODB shirt.
Juan from Squeegee Prints slashing high speed front 5-0's.
Edison Dave with some of that old school Neil Blender shit.
Another clip of the 300PoundHam with a no-comply 5-0 ground.
Deep bag of thricks with this bub.
Tight crew.



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