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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Borrego Springin' Spring Time Adventure

Went on a day trip with the ItWasTheLight and our better halves....
First time going out here and not camping. We had a blast.
Perfect weather on this day. Maybe high 70's. We specifically went out there to see all of the flowers bloom due to the recent rain.
Took the wife sight seeing and showed her all of the awesome sights.
Scorpion vs. Cricket. My money is on the Scorpion.
Thought this was pretty rad. Randomly found this on YouTube.
Working hard.
Pretty rad that someone took the time to make all of this rad art and share it with tourists.
The bub looked a bit thirsty.
He was hyped. Back to work!
Cool slide show I found. I love classical music.
Wizard retreat rams! My favorite spot. So many great memories.
Dried out mud from the recent rain fall. Looks like lizard skin to me.
If you look closely at the ram on the left, it looks like he is crapping out a drone.
As seen on my Instagram.
More sight seeing of metal sculptures. Hipster model with her ass hanging out on the left. Creepy girl getting in the shot in the pink dress.
Lots of people out and about on this day.
She couldn't take a hint to get the fuck outta the way. This dragon is so dang bad ass. 
A lot of time went into building this thing I bet.
Much better.
Reminded me of the sandworms from Beetlejuice.
Amazing soundtrack.
An awesome scene from one of my favorite Sci-fi films. Legendary work by David Lynch. My co-worker is his nephew y'know..... just sayin'.
Owly the Owl say's "Give a hoot, don't pollute."
Absolutely beautiful. White, yellow, purple and green were the main colors.
Dry lake bed.
Pretty cool sight.
Time for a brew!
Since I wasn't driving, I was kicking them back.
The sun was starting to set and the shade was welcomed.
The wife was hyped. Then we heard coyotes off in the distance and she looked up at me with the glee and excitement of a little girl.
Cock rock.
It'd be cool to buy some land one day. Even if it's out in the desert. I just imagine my own skatopia.
See the dust being illuminated by the sunlight?
Pretty awesome I say.
I'm no professional photographer, but every now and then I get hyped on pics like these.
Later sun. You can burn my neck and ears some other day.
We headed back to the flower fields so ItWasTheLight could get some sunset droning.
Once the sun dropped it started to get a little windy and the pollen from the flowers was lifted into the air and straight into our nostrils. It smelt amazing. Better than any perfume I've ever smelt.
And lift off!
Bre was taking a break from rock hunting.
Technology is awesome. Nature is even more awesome.
Time to pack up the gear and head home.
One day I'm gonna go inside. EatFiend review coming soonish.
I got home drunk and hungry and ate one and a half burritos.
I'm a fatty.



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