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Monday, April 27, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Homey Baked I Am?

Grab a plate and stuff yer brain on today's visual assault.
Found this gem in an old cd book. It'd be rad to see a reunion of these guys.
The 'ol PD slappy spot. Never gets old.
AH always pumpin' out the sickest graphics. When I go to a skate shop, I have to look and touch every board. OCD? I guess.
Poods park six stair has seen heavy carnage.
NastyNeil stopped by
Left his wizard staff behind
Wizard no more
Warthog from Hell. 
I wish I could dress like this every day. So fucking bad ass.
Leonard Smalls. Fucking ruler of your nightmares. Also a former heavyweight pro boxer.
Pretty uneventful.
Another ripping session with ItWasTheLight at Poods park. This place is a dream.
Then a van full of scooter kids showed up. Laters!
Beer run.
Crackhead thinks he is a crab! Not sure why they didn't show the end... "AH HEE HOOOOO!"
Homey baked I am? Or... Baked homey I am? 
Not sure why, but I get a sense of self satisfaction when I take the time to put together a fun little edit.
Fuck Coronado bridge traffic. This ruins my day every time it happens.
Big ass cruise ship right there.
Step Brothers fucking rule.
Marinated beef mixed with some chorizo.
Meatballs on the side.
Meat party.
Can't ever get enough tacos.
This video rules. This is the type of shit I look at when I drunk window shop on the internet.
Unit Craft microwave. This thing is friggin' rad looking. I guess it used to be on a commercial jet.
I used it to heat up a tri-tip sandwich with cheese. A fuckin' mans meal right there.
Bacon party.
More molestation of skate decks. This time at Route 44.
ItWasTheLight pro model. 
543%? Where the fuck do they get that number?
The old dmv spot. I'd rather you wax it than me.
Couldn't get over how ridiculous this van looked.
I like your turkey too, turkey.
Butterface with a hefty tailslide. First try. No big deal.
We were graced with the presence of BornRetard. Here he is doing his best Karate Kid.
I would have taken it home had it not been sitting next to a fucking baby diaper full of shit. Oh well.

Married With Children. It tells the future in mysterious ways.



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