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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- SpamBurger Madness

Summer is over people. Be sure to stay hydrated and chug lots of beers!
Don't do it. Just don't.
For shits and gigs.
Zensei sushi. Not too impressed this time around. Maybe next time.
Gotta watch out for them kitties!
How cats get high. Trippy.
Love me a drunken Slim Jim every now and then.
Coors has been the beer of choice this summer. So have bacon cheeseburgers.
Dude party.
Shit tons of cheese.
What is WormTits doing?
Just cooking up a brick of Spam. NO BIG DEAL!
"A.M. Shit Faced Cooking Time", coming to a YouTube channel near you.
We most certainly were greedy, fat fucks this evening.
Cheese bagels for buns, that's whats up!
Crispy, burnt bacon for your colon hole. 
Just slathered this shit outta it with condiments. Lots of lube.
Look at that triple-chin-lookin'-mutha-fucka!
That's how we roll.
Fuckin' Gree-hee-say!
The next morning. Hungover with Biscuit. He gives me motivational speeches in the morning to get outta bed and blow up the toilet. The moment I get my morning dump out of the way, he knows he can go outside! He's my shit coach.
Curb Killaaaaaaaaaaaaaahz!
Christopher Melloni is a God.
Pizza tits.
Honey-do's. This shit was repetitive and time consuming. Plus, I'm pretty sure I should have worn a mask. Can't be good to inhale that dusty shit.
Hyenas are the best. Look Away.
Another evening, moosh for dinner. WormTits makes a delicious moosh!
Biscuit loves the savory Friskies.
I try not to spoil him too much.



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