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Monday, September 28, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Home Cookin' Is The Best Cookin'!

Welcome back everyone to yet another mouth watering installment I call my life. Get on the hype train or yer gonna miss it!
 The Curb Killaz over at Pacific Drive are keeping the hype alive!
 Dinner hype.
 Polish sausage with some grilled onions. I love onions.
 Zatamarans brown rice, beans, tater tots and veggies too. I'm always thankful that I was raised with a loving mom that taught me virtually everything I know about cooking.
 Online draft. My third league. As is tradition, I got drunk for this draft too. Except Igby, he was there.
  I also got mean on the message board. I was cracking myself up.
 The next day I woke up in pizza heaven.
 Kook vessels.
 Football season is back. Tom Brady and the Patriots came out with a huge chip on their shoulder and whooped the fucking Steelers.
 Bbq or die. As is tradition.
 Squash skewers.
 You know what time it is...
 Tri-tip time! Yeeeeeeeeee! Cooking this meat is so fun and the end result is always worth it.
 Meat, bread and potato's. All a man needs.
 Egg, sausage and cheese breakfast bowl the next morning.
 Mornings with my son.
Tree hugger.



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