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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Journey Up To The Bay Area part 2 / (El Estero Skatepark)

Woke up in a dreamland. I miss it already...
Went for a morning walk along a slow flowing river.
Nice, quiet and nobody around!
Reminds me of being a kid in N.H. and catching cray-fish at the creek.
It's Log!
It's better than bad, it's good!
In case anyone was wondering, this was where we camped.
Breathtaking view from a random cafe we stopped at for breakfast.
Panini reuben sandwich. Wasn't stoked that they practically burned the bread. Too crunchy.
The wife was smart and went with the 'ol breakfast plate. Notice they burned the English muffin too?
Whatever. Fuck it. We are on vacation.
Then it was off to a bar in Monterey for some craft beers! Cheers!
The wife was part of a bridal party. Which meant I got to tag along and have a buncha sippy-poos!
The next morning I decided to Google the closest skatepark and found this gem! "El Estero Skatepark" had really bad reviews, but I think it was mainly because it was built back in 2005ish and there used to be cops that handed out helmet tickets.
This place was soooooooo fun!
Weird little hips to pump over and all kinds of crap to have fun on!
This moon slice was so fun to grind. Reminds me of the half-shell up at Alga Norte park.
This little qp was so fun and steep.
Empty park!
Get buck! Definitely certifiably a piece of suck.
Long and low hubbas and rails!
Located next to the "Dennis the Menace" park, which is a giant playground for kids.
Took in some of the local art.
So brutal.
Long ass ledge. I wanna build something like this in S.D.
10 minute skate back to the hotel. Took in some of the local art.
Dream bike.
Amazing red curb!
Low rail. Wish GucciBuckTim was here to grind it.
Under 34" tall.
Upriver weirdos in the Bay area.
This pretzel was fucking tits, but the Father of the Bride was the best. A most gracious host.
Low and slow they say.
My better half.
This dude called his set "Mellow Cello". He then proceeded to jam the fuck outta that cello and play Led Zeppelins "Cashmere". It was awesome.
These dudes were hustling. I like to wander around.
With a smoke in her hand. Signs of the old days, slowly get painted over.
Upon us being at this bar ( I can't remember the name.), we stumbled upon the 1st ever "Yetti Fest". Note the banner in the background. They had all kinds of musical acts going. This was the weirdest one we witnessed.
It was also right about the time we got the fuck outta there.

Get weird or go home they say.



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