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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Journey Up To The Bay Area part 3

The holiday continued up in the Bay area...
Had to sweat it out. Couldn't get enough of this place.
Just to remember.
This hands down is damn near close to my dream grill!
So awesome.
After I shredded around, I found a cemetery and took a stroll.
Clear skies. Nice and quiet.
Wandered back to the hotel and stumbled upon "Greek Festival".
For your viewing pleasure.
$8 gyro to stuff my face.
Eat it.
$3 lemonade to quench my thirst.
The music kicked ass.
Wandered into a candy store, however I bought nothing.
Chocolate heaven.
Gnarly rail.
Can't remember who did what on it.
Then we headed off to the wedding. It was an outdoor venue and they had a great grill setup.
The groom helping us to some of the fine brew they had on tap.
This is Kevin, he rules. Great drinking buddy.
Congratulations you two. It was a perfect wedding.
Upriver art.
Mischief..... mayhem!
Dave Bossie was the father of the bride and he makes beer. All three ales were fucking amazing. 
Then the night got drunk. Very drunk.



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