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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Journey Up To The Bay Area part 4 (Monterey Aquarium)

 Last day up in Monterey. 
Time to get fishy.
I'd like to dedicate this post to ItWasTheLight, whom is a fan of the ocean and all the beautiful creatures that live in it!
 Stopped by this "brewery" for lunch and they didn't even have any house made craft brew. What the fuck was the point of calling it a "brewery"??? 
Anyway, ate a bacon cheese burger. Didn't take a picture, yadda yadda yadda...
 The wife with a shark.
Disclaimer: On the account that my phone is old and obsolete, the shutter speed on my camera is suuuuuuuuuuper slow. Which resulted in blurry photos of fish that can't stop moving.
Bare with me people.
 Not sure what these were.
 Not all sharks are super scary looking.
 Wonder what they taste like....
 Trippy sardines that live in a cylinder.
What a life.
 Under the sea.
 All kinds of life forms sustained in such a small area.
 Schools of fish. Wonder if they eat each other.
 Leopard shark.
 Shit leopard. Shit lighting.
I'm digging the video though!
This was my favorite part.
 Dancing jellyfish. Very soft and peaceful to the watching eye.
 They liked to swim upside down a lot.
 Mashing into one another.
Looks like it was in slow motion. Suspended in time!
 Whole lot of different species of Jellyfish out there.
 I bet those stinging tentacles hurt like crazy.
 Trip out!
 These little guys looked like floating half soft boiled eggs.
 "Just floatin' around in the dark, maaaaaaaaaaaan."
 Krab looking jellyfish.
 These guys were no bigger than a dime.
 These were crazy and aggressive looking.
 Looks like a pear.
I've never eaten a pear.
Sea turtle just chilling.
My favorite piture I took the whole time. Hammerhead sharks are the bees knees. So cool.
 Octo art.
 This is definitely fucking awesome!
 This has never happened in the history of man.
 Cuttle fish!
 I love octopussy!
 Sick glass work.
Big ass line by the time we were leaving. I suggest getting there early.
Time to head back to S.D.



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