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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Spot Checking With GucciBuckTim

Welcome back fellow trolls. We have another edition of everyone's favorite troll Mr. GucciBuckTim himself!
Tried my hand again at Palomar card room. I did not come out a winner this time. It's still fun as fuck to play against competition yer not familiar with. I'll be back.
TheKing, GucciBuck and Webster. I can always tell that TheKing is annoyed by technology these days. People always whipping out their phones during the middle of the session.
Crazee Burger, killing it as usual!
Found this gem online.
Such a killer team.
Octoberfest is here!
Tired kitty.
Fun times at Petco park.
Even funner times sucking at foosball. Cherry Bomb.
Every time I go threre, I check to see if the Network skate sticker is still on the wall.
Miss you Shockus.
This t-rex looks like he needs a friend to help him light that bowl. His arms are to short.
Tim just got sponsored by LRG...
......and HUF apparel....
.....and Sector 9! Now that's what I call a bro-makeover.
Burrito time.
Street taco time for me!
Spot scouting in Mission Valley. We checked out this gnarly bank that Dolan Stearns dropped in on for his X-Games Real Street part.
It'd be amazing to see something down this, but there isn't enough roll up.
Some many rad angle possibilites you could film hammers with.
Big ass bump to bar.
Old spot that was built back in the day (early 2000's). I think Neil Heddings and others built it in a Transworld video (maybe "In Bloom"?). I can't put my finger on it.
This thing has been widdled down over the years. Glad to see it's still being shredded.
Wallride action along with some dicking around.
Shake it off!
Spot scouting.
Took us about a half hour for me to remember where the hell this spot was. Clairemont.
Another bump-to-bar when I was on my way to the zoo with the wife.
Skating is always on my mind.
Perfect roll up. Tim definitely needs to get buck on this thing.
I got a big ass steak on who ever grinds this bitch, end to end.
Any takers?



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