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Monday, September 21, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Journey Up To The Bay Area part 1

Got the hell out of town for a few days.
Drove up the 1 freeway and enjoyed the hell out of it!
 Hangover remedy. Lots of greasy ass msg loaded food.
 Senor Mango's is a life saver in this recent heat.
 Dill pickle flavored potato chips. Not feeling it.
 Go watch these vids. Such insane curb action.
 Took a drive with the wife up to the Bay area.
 Driving through L.A. is a damn pain in the ass.
 Getting tubed.
We took the 1 freeway all the way up to Morro Bay and randomly found this sweet skate museum. I was so delighted!
 Ride what the pro's ride. Serious sidewalk surfer.
No we know.
 Some seriously rare and vintage boards.
 I'd love to get my hands on an original Gonz complete. One can dream...
 Roped off for the pro's.
 Bones Brigade mural. So amazing. Signed Tony Hawk. So jealous.
 The godfather of skateboarding. T.A.
 Motorized skateboard. This thing was crazy!
 Then we drove into beautiful Big Sur!
 Camp was all setup.
 After being behind the wheel of a car for 9 hours, it was time for a cold one!
 First time here.
 It was so beautiful.
 Then the ocean.
 Kinda reminded me of the beach in Goonies.
 Break on through to the other side! It's be cool to fly a drone through this thing. 
High risk, high reward.
 Looks like a good spot to party at.
 The I fetched us a log to sit on.
 Then the wife cracked open a bottle of wine we brought all the way back from Greece.
 Held on to this baby for about two years. Time to enjoy it!
 We came prepared.
 Always prepared!
  Then we shared the beautiful sunset.
 Couldn't pass up the opportunity to shoot a panorama.
 Then it was back to camp for some fir pit action!
 The wife went to bed, and I continued to watch caveman television.
Burn the flames.



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