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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- We Want You To Be Brave

Lap time.
Home Depot time. I love wandering around this place.
Power sander time! DO WORK SON!
Pizza/pint skatedeck made by Tasty Skateboards owner Scully. The Guy Fierri stencil is so visually insulting.
Luigis pizza fucking nails it.
Pepperoni and feta chees pizza is my favorite pizza in the fucking world.
Working with Falco. This dude shreds so hard I let him take 5 while commuting.
This is a photo of KingBaby washing away and cleaning with his flip flops dog shit that he tracked around everywhere. Why is he using his flip-flops you might ask? #vapelife, that's why.
Shockus skatepark. Miss you Shockus. Not seeing you hold down Heshpark whilst I sweat away teaching the kids, just isn't the same.
Get some!

Hewitt = LEGEND!
Cradle is the gnarliest. Stand at the bottom and look up.
Just saw this fucking beast get grinded. I miss jumpin' on them bars.
Watching the kids get buck. It's truly inspiring to watch these bubs.
Behemoth of a set.
The boys eyed it up.
Filled the crack with a shit load of tape.
Awesome advice for kids. It's a tough world out there.
GucciBuck doing some extra prep work.
Last moment ollie of Otto, PD's finest. This shit ain't no joke.
David Cobb with a first try backside big spin attempt. He was offered a $100 and a case of beer to land it first try. Unfortunately he came up short.
Huck time for the bubs that like to get buck! Saw some crazy shit and an excellent display of pure determination. Skateboarding rules.
Then this dude did something amazing.
Buzzardy Mr. Burns.
The next day I had a mad case of the flu while I was doing skate camp. Poods park was fun, but it sure was a chore with low energy levels.
Fried chicken!
Bringin' the heat!



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