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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Larb League 2015 Draft Party/Shit Show

Just another shit-show of a draft party! Larb League is doing awesome and the whole crew has returned for another year of shit talk and stressful Sundays... Crack open a brew and enjoy!

 Everyone was psyched to get things going, pound some brews and make some bad draft piks!
 The return of WhiskySlimeMike was imminent. I bet him $4 that he couldn't chug his whole cup of whisky-coke. Needless to say, I ended up $4 richer and Mike ended up wasted.
 It was a fun time! Also very time consuming.
 Stinky was delighted with his team.
 Then the art-work began.
 Steeler Nation
 Shit Life
 Later Timmy! Fuck you!
 Cock Life
 Looked like a zombie right here.
 Oh hey there...
 Whatcha dooooooin'?
 Such soft lips.
 He looked hungy.
 The old meat cigar.
 Lady and the Tramp.
 So slimy.
 Then he chewed it up a bit and spat it out on his chest.
 Then somehow the hot dog wound up in his pants.
 Sad flower.
 No Bad Dayz.
 Then it got real interesting. KingBaby kept pounding moscow-mules until he also blacked out and fell asleep on WormTits' bed. Turns out he pissed it.
Shameful ass KingBaby.
 Just make yerself at home.
Pizza roll party.

Oh yea, I almost forgot. This is EatFiend's 500th post!



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