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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- VeronaKitty Puts A Hutin' On Stinky

Welcome back everybody to your daily dose of shit-show!
You smell that? The way the shit clings to the air? I bet a shittacane is on its way...
 This panda bear at the San Diego Zoo was chowing down on bamboo like it was beef jerky!
 New leopard exhibit is pretty tight.
 Big kitty waiting for dinner.
 This big kitty is waiting to go outside.
 Heavy metal!
 Carne asada fries that will melt your dick off!
 Fresh kicks. Best skate shoe of all time. Just sayin'.
 Score! EatFiend bottle key chains coming soon!
 Cheeseburger breakfast.
 Tim swung by Nado park for a minute. Then he dipped to dtsd to handle business. Back lip for the kids!
 Stinky being a wasted jerk.
 Human centipede.
Then VeronaKitty put a hurtin' in Stinky. I guess liquor makes you slap quicker.
Then I woke up with my pinkie toe all purple, aching and swelling.
Oh well.



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