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Monday, September 14, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- It's Fuggin' Hot

The recent heat wave has been kicking my ass. 
Just keep yer head down and plow through it.
Fun times at PQ park. Sometimes you'll get lucky and it'll be due to the fact that it's hot as balls.
This was the last day of Skate Camp and I was stoked to have made it through the week considering I was suffering through the flu.
The burger in this vid is exactly how they come out looking when you buy one. Legit.
I did my best, but the flu managed to ruin In-N-Out for me. I couldn't even finish my double-double.
First time ever. Fuck you flu.
My sinus' were completely clogged. My nose was clogged and swollen. I had a sweating fever and a terrible cough. For some reason I get the flu every summer when it's hottest.
Like I said before.
Fuck the flu.
Later Blue-Vulva. You were cheap, served me well and you pretty much saved my life when I crashed you. Yer off to Ecology where what's left of you will be salvaged and whats ruined will me widdled to scrap and recycled. 
Tom fucking Brady! The Patriots are pretty much the most hated team in the league right now. The new Raiders, so to speak. Fuck it.
This made me laugh my ass off.
When it's hot, I have the tendency for these sweet little guys. Any kinda of cooling relief is welcome.
Crushing pints with DonaldGately at the Ould Sod. Thankfully that place has great air conditioning.
More cold, cooling refreshments. Senor Mango's is the jam.
Stuff my face with a ham torta.
The bub BK gettin' up in them mags. So stoked for him.
BK does a back 5-0 on a rail in Chicano park. It's my favorite trick in the vid.
My furry man, chowing down.



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