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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Bar Lurkin', Sight Seeing, Videos Galore and National Pizza Day

Didn't Joe Dirt say that?.... You get the idea.
Ye Olde Sod with the wife and bubs!
We be dorks.
After several beers and a couple of shits of Jameson it was off to the Taco shop.
All hail the glorious burrito.
Carne asad, cheese and sour cream. Lots of hot sauce.
That's my shit right there.
Finally made it to the Balboa Park Golf Course to the Tobeys 19th Hole Restaurant!
Located at 2600 Golf Course Dr., San Diego CA 92102.
Look at that view!
The biscuits and gravy and club sandwich was pretty darn good too!
Then it was off to Sunset Cliffs for some breath taking sight seeing.
It was really windy this day.
Mac and cheese with Cheetos! That's how we roll here at EF hq.
My Mexican candy addiction is kinda getting outta control...

Man down.
Love this video. Love this part.
Like I've stated before, been really digging the Ahi tuna.
Super cheap at the market down the street from my house.
I still refuse to take down our Christmas lights.
Breakfast for dinner!
Biscuit knows whats up!
J-P the Stee! I'm a pretty big fan of the bub. Deep, deep bag of tricks.
Sharing is caring.

Love this show and Brendon Small! Psyched!
National Pizza day and we did it on a budget!
Found this in my pocket. Must have obtained it when I was drunk, because I don't remember where I got it or who gave it to me.
Sloppy ranch party.
Make ranch great again!
We enjoy our Biscuit time.
Some pretty sweet humming bird action going on in the back yard.
Target find. If there are two things I love, it's cats and skateboards!
In N Out date with the wife.
Like I said, kittys and skateboards...... and fresh kicks!
They are getting along just fine.


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