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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Pounding Brewski's and Eating At The Pekin Cafe

Standard blog lays ahead...
If you haven't been to the Pekin Cafe in North Park, take a look at the pictures and get psyched to chow down on some Chinese food!
Been really digging the homemade burrito's lately.
I do magic tricks.
Schnapps ya!
Glorious beer.
And potatoes!
HamBone and I finished it pretty quickly.
One mug holds two beers!
The bub Scott and I fucking around.
Pretty sure we have a gopher in the back yard. Biscuit is on the case.
Del Sur nachos are fucking tits and their hot sauce actually makes me sweat! 
Can you dig it?
Post work therapy session. Love me some Memo park.
I also love hot dogs!
New neighbor like to keep it's distance.
More rainy days. Womp, womp.
What better time than a rainy day to draw something new.
Located at 2877 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104.
The prices were very affordable.
A little history...
Eight pieces of gyoza.
Mongolian beef, stir fried rice....
Cashew chicken and I can't remember what the chicken/green bell pepper was, but it was super spicy!
I was happy as a pig feeding in a troff.
I mowed it.
Family owned and operated establishment. Nothing fancy.
I will definitely be back!
Stayed focused enough to finish this new graphic.
And outlined! Shirts coming soon!
Dessert! Love the Tim Tam's!


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