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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Bowling and Ticket Stub Madness

 Passed out before we even started. He owes me ten push ups because he couldn't bowl worth a damn.
   Cheap beers and bubs.
 All hail Bill Murray.
 The bowling alley was pretty empty on account that it was Monday night.
   Kearny Mesa bowl.
 Is this skateboarding?

This is skateboarding! Fuck Monster energy drinks.
 Pasta night!
 Went through an old lunc box of mine and rooted through some old ticket stubs.
 I keep them all!

We ride....
 Alice Cooper opened for Rob Zombie. Should have been the other way around.
 The Patriots killed them.
 My first show at the L.A. coliseum.
 The bub Zack has been killing it.

Full album of psychadelic blues on YouTube!
Thank you internet!
 R.I.P. Lemmy Kilmeister.
 I was only 18. I have yet to see the Misfits with Glenn Danzig as the front man.
Most likely will never happen.
 I've watched alot of bad movies.
 This was an awesome premiere at the Pacific Gaslamp theatre in downtown San Diego.
 Waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day. Nowadays, Street Scene is a full on shit show filled with douche bags and dildos.
 Lol, No Doubt..... Phantom of the Opera......
 The D!

What is the secret of your power?.....
 Mr. Bean! A man of few words.
 I still love wrestling, but can't really watch it on t.v.
I have no idea who is who anymore.
This one was amazing.
 Beavis and Butthead Do America was amazing. My dad went with me to see it.
 I'm a nerd. And I'm glad I still have this.
  5th grade, I think. Shit eating grin.... I was a little shit.
Still am in most cases.
 Memo park with this group of legends.

Fucking legendary.
 Picture me rolling!
Hope you enjoyed it!


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