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Monday, February 6, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Memo Shredding, Pork Schnitzel and Trippin' Down Memory Lane

More food, more skateboarding, blah, blah, blah......
What else did ya expect?
After years of skating Memo park, I finally started skating this curved ledge. It's super fun, noseslides and backside grinds are mandatory. Gonna try to build from there. Stay tuned.
Lots of Memo Homies. These bubs get buck.
Really hyped that the bubs Neil and Tim joined me. I'm addicted to this park and it's not for everyone.
Been seeing alot of the bub Glenn at this place. He fucking kills the bowls like it's 1988, but he's like 10 years younger than me. I remember selling him skateboards at Hanger 18 when he was a young buck!
Eric Winkowski ripping hard. Pretty sure he's gonna turn pro for Santa Cruz skateboards.

Fucking all terrain ripper!
'WHA-BASH!' So sick. Glenn rips!
TheKing and HollaZack! Yea, session was ripping! 
So psyched to skate and see these bubs.
Island photo.
Time for dinner Bravarian style!
I was making pork schnitzel this evening. Hammered on the pork with a rolling pin.
I need a meat hammer!
Each pork chop was under 3 bucks each.
Battered and fried!
The Panko crumbs were amazing.
Dinner is served!

2002, Dying To Live premiere.
I nerded it up and got my photo taken with Jamie Thomas!
Definitely a throw-up on who is wearing the most flare....
Photo by Chris Cole.
Skateboarding is the best!


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