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Monday, February 13, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Lookin' Up, Super Cocina and The BBQ Pit

A multitude of question you might have....
Dig deeper, perhaps you will find the answers that you seek.
If not, well then put shit in your hat.
Met up with the Lurkers for a sunset session.
BK with a pop shuv-it nose manny. That bub is goooooooooooood.
Otto, high speed kick flipping.
Getting the boot by crabby neighbors.
Box kittys.
The bub Cody, fucking weekend warrior.
Blowing it on the kickflip.
Then we headed to the cat-walk that goes over the interstate 5 freeway.
ItWasTheLight on tat filming kick as is tradition.
I dig the kitty art.
Daddy long legs.
Power fucking sliding!
Artsy fuckin' fartsy...... I guess.
'Nuff said.
Blader Hater
Then later on in the day, I rolled my fucking ankle.
That's the way she fucking goes, I guess.
Stinky ass Hans. Nothing more needs to be said.
Face off.
Aliens are living among us. This one was real purdy.
Super Cocina! AKA Super Kitchen!
The best part about this place is that they let you sample everything before you make up your mind.
Get some!
It ruled so hard.
These chips are amazing.
They are friends from time to time.
Luigi's Pizzeria is where it's at as of late.
The wife and I hit up The Barbeque Pit. This place is legit!
I went with the days special which was the sloppy Joe on the left and the wife went with the pulled pork sandwich on the right.
The macaroni and cheese was perfect in my opinion!
The sloppy Joe killed it!
I mowed it.
A mom and pop style establishment. No shitty music blasting. No stupid hipsters.
Just food to grub on and a place to plant yer butt while yer chowing down.
Oh yea, the prices were fair too. I'll definitely be back!
Located at 2888 University boulevard, San Diego CA 92104.
Now you know and knowing is half the battle!


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