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Friday, February 3, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- More Sorrento Valley Shredding and the Jimmy Cao JSLVX1000 part

Skateboarding is the best! 
I love where it takes me and the people I meet during those adventures!
Revisited this awesome ledge spot in Sorrento Valley. Love me a good ledge, especially if it's frontside and backside!
 Backside 50-50 by ItWasTheLight.
 Keep on pushing!
 The bub, Paul Sewell was there too!
 Cuong on that 'Public Lo Mein' filming mission.
 We are most happy when we are skating a dirty grimy parking lot.
That's skate life!
 Spot was getting blown out.
 Jimmy Cao!
 Paul, with that nosegrind action.
 The King!
 Almost time for a new shred-sled!
 Last spot of the day, then it was dinner time!
 Can't get enough of this salsa! Homemade breakfast burrito!


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