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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- I'm A Pint Chugging, Food Eating, Pussy Loving, Skateboard Shredding, Son Of A Gun

Pull up a chair, pour a pint and enjoy!
If yer ever feeling down, walk to the top of Coronado Bridge and give the Crisis Team a call.
If you don't wanna talk, take a swim.
I got spots baby!
Somebody was hyped for the holidays.
This was a strange yet dangerous combination. Wanna have a good time and a full on black out?
Mix these three together.
Day-day. She is a sweet heart.
Regurgitating ones innards onto the streets.
Turn on, tune in, drop out.
New spot at the Wendy's in North Park. Get there while you can.
Dry rub for a tri-tip. 
Thick layer of fat on the other side. Didn't notice it when it was in the package. Buyer beware.
Inspect yer meat kids!
My kitchen assistant.
More rubbing of thy meat.
Decided to give it a go in the broiler.
Crispy fat.
Nice and bloody, just the way I like it.
All tuckered out.
So hyped the bub Charlie Thomas sent me the first Preservation Skateboards video "Isolation".
Hyped, hyped, HYPED!
Ramen and cheese enchiladas. We like to mix it up over here at EF.
Like I said, I GOT SPOTS BABY!
Wood shop tasks.
Hand sanding repetitive fun.
Beer me.
With a margarita on the side!
Fuck it, beer me again.
Then straight to the liquor store and then on to pick up a pepperoni and feta cheese pie!
Yummy yummy!
More goodies in the mail!
Pure fucking genius!
Love you too bub!
That time I made my move on LadyLarb.
So handsome!
Homemade burrito party!
One cat looking one way...
The other cat looking the other way...

Good Fellas
Hey, whadya want from me?
New spot at Horton Plaza in DTSD. A big ass 15 stair. The day after I took this photo I saw on Instagram that Ryan Sheckler kick flipped the fuck outta' it.
So insane.
Rainy days as of late at Coronado Skatepark.
Love me some In N Out burger, but I think the grilled onions gave me some killer bubble gut.
I nearly shit my pants!
Skate date with these bubs!
Brothers from different mothers, these two.
Oooh-la-la! Artsy fartsy.
The bub Skid-Mark making that curb nice and greasy!
Love the clip at the end!
Troll man under a bridge.... wearing a onsie. Nothing unusual here.
Cheap packet of chicken nuggets from my local market.
I put that shit on everything!
Where did his legs go?


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