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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Whiskey Slime Mike's Birthday Camping Shit Show

I'm currently on a drinking hiatus, but that ain't stopping me from having a good ol' time with the bubs!

For your listening pleasure...
All packed up and ready to go!
It isn't camping unless the bed of ones truck is completely filled with wood.
Straight outta the truck to making a giant cup of whiskey and a splash of soda. He literally kicked his own drink over three times. I accidentally kicked it over once.
Spot 18! The A.H. vibes were among us.
Tent City. The best!
Stir that fire. It was in the upper 40's / lower 50's.
Luckily we had a shit load of wood, three tree stumps and a axe to swing to keep our body temperatures up.
Hans assembled a tent that he never slept in.
Dead drunk but trying....
The bubs!
Hanky-poo joined us for the adventure! He was not psyched on the cold ground. He sat in the back of the truck most of the time.
Hot links that Mike picked up from Costco....
I had one and it made me really gassy. What better place to stink it up than a campsite!
Steak time.
Over the fire cooking.
Then the rave started....
Hans was the rave!
Stupid ravers....
Then we threw them into the fire and watched them explode.
Simple pleasures for simple minds, they say.
Wiener gobbler.
This picture came out crazy looking.
Caveman television. Best channel ever!
The morning came and we were able to see our surroundings. No other campers in site!
Who the hell wants to camp on a cold February night anyway?
Us! That's who!
He can pass out anywhere.
Camping rule number 1. Always bring an American flag!
Piss break.
Look at all of the mustard stains on him.
Took in the views on the drive back to the freeway.
Take a hike!
He was all tuckered out. No really, apparently he tugged one out on a poor tree.


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