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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Iron Mountain, Shepherds Pie, Freddy's Steakburgers, Garlic Shack and Screen Shot Madness

Busy, busy, busy! Been keeping busy....
This blog is guaranteed to make you hungry.
 Chee Chee bar in downtown San Diego with the bubs.
 Hipster imitations of The Larb.
Thai Larb!
 Refurbished skateboard deck.
 Shattered dreams. I was so bummed when I dropped this plate of nachos.
I have no shame when it comes to wasting $9 carne-asada nachos, so I picked it up off the floor and ate it.
Handsome little beast.
 This beast is the real beast.
 Three miles up, three miles down.
 We made it!
 Lake Hodges.
 Zoomed all the way in on my phone. You can see Point Loma! 
 Mexico is thatta' way.
 Babe, throwing up the horns.
 Later we got home and I whipped up a batch of Shepherd's pie!
 Haven't had this in a while!
 Heavy on the cheese in my mashed potaters.
 Looking almost ready to eat!
 Bake that cheese! Now it's ready to be consumed!
Had a bunch of leftovers afterwards. Saving a dollar here, a dollar there!
 Breakfast of champions! Where's the bacon?
 Found this place across the street from In-N-Out burger down in South Bay near the Mile of Cars.
Located at 327 Mile of Cars Way, National City CA 91950.
 Menu was on point! And they even served ice cream sandwiches!
 You know that 'special sauce' you get on your animal style fries from In-N-Out?
Yea, they have that stuff in dispenser here!
And it comes in jalapeno flavor too!
 Me on the left. The wife on the right.
 I mowed it. The fries were pretty darn good and crispy too.
Big ass slice of pickle in the sandwich. I was hyped! 
 Sunset Shockus Park session. 
Miss you Shockus!
*double wink*
 Too much tuna!
Miss 'The Kroll Show'.
 Love it with the teriyaki glaze!
 Fog rolling in.
 While the skatepark looked like this.
 The bay was turning into this!
 Oh, carne-asada burrito, how I love thee!
Artsy fartsy. 
Kitty in a window. 
 Been driving by this spot for about a year now. It's across the street from Adalbertos (my favorite taco shop) and typically I never make it in.
Located at 549 25th street, San Diego CA 92102.
Not this time! Little legit mom and pop establishment.
 I suggest you check it out if you are keen to meat and garlic!
 "I'm baaaaaaaaaack!"
Love the Krab Man.
  One of my favorite movies ever.
 My favorite skater of all time. HK.
Super Collider Super Conductor
 He never made this lip-slide, but the slams in Sight Unseen are next-level-type-shit. 
 This cracked me up.
 My kind of cook!
Gotta' keep up with the BornRetard tradition.....
Brace yourself....
Piech on that bowling kick. 
Hope you enjoyed today's blog!


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