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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Public Lo Mein Pics & Public Intoxication

Just another skateboard premiere blog.....
This is my church. The church of skatan!
Too much tuna.
Jalapeno and cheese burgers.
Hans filter. It's frustrating watching sports with this guy. When yer team is losing it's "fuck them" or "they suck". Then when yer team is winning it's "we won".
No loyalty..... unless he's given a beer. Then he'll just tell you to go fuck yourself.
Fuck you Nans!
Oh, hot chicken tenders, I will never stop eating you.
Is this skateboarding?
Spot check. Nothing to see here. Unless you wanna go inside Jack In The Box and get a burger.
The dude abides.
The harnessed one loves his out door time.
Training facility.
Costco lunch! Best bang for yer buck and it's under 4 dollars!
Yesterdays news.
New loading dock spot by my house. Going back to my roots!
Met up with the bub Nasty-Neil for a beer and a margarita before we headed to Blue Foot bar for the 
Public Lo Mein premiere!
Loads of bubs, beers and good times!
Rage table.
The animation had me cracking up!
I was balling on a budget, so I made a Kwik Stop.
Then I lurked hard outside the bar.
Larbage life.
Pizza life. I really dig the cheese pie from Lefty's.
Looks like Biscuit's tail is flipping me the bird.
Crazee Burger time!


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