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Friday, February 10, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Ziggy Shuffledust @ Casbah and Night Time Photography

Can't really recall if I ever did a post dedicated to David Bowie....
But here it goes!
Image result for david bowie
Miss you Mr. Bowie.

This little bugger likes to be were he isn't supposed to be.
Exploring more Mexican tasty sweets!
Also testing what it's like to add pretzels to a homemade burrito.
Real ground breaking stuff happening here at EF HQ.
Every morning he sits on my chest like this.
Igby getting overly possessive over a paper bag. If it hits the ground, it automatically belongs to him.
Biscuit has a different approach to things.
Breakfast bowl time.
Heavy on the toast.
Breakfast for dinner!
Made our way to the Casbah for a Ziggy Shuffledust and the Spiders from Mars (David Bowie cover band). Look who came back from his brief stint in Philadelphia!
He missed us and we missed him!
I have found zero sandwiches so far. Believe me, I have been searching.
Then the show was starting! Love me some Bowie!
The wife and I saw Ziggy Shuffledust for a New Years eve show last year. It was rad!
Ground control to Major Tom...
I was digging him performing in front of the mirror.
Then he started getting sexy with his reflection.
Then Gary had a wardrobe change! It's all part of the show baby!
Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
Lovers in the night.
Gotta love this barbarian!
Aaaaand another wardrobe change!
The back-up singers were killing it.
Such a fun show.
The piano player was drunk as a skunk. As the night grew later, he was getting sloppy and Gary (the front man) was giving him glareful looks for fucking up. It's all good though!
We are here for a good time, not a long time!
Besides, Gary was getting drunk himself and started to forget the lyrics. Then he would ask the crowd to sing along to help him out.
Every time he screwed up, I would scream out his name and he would flash a playful smirk.
No complaints here! Pobody's nerfect! This mess is a place!
Then Freddie Mercury came back from the dead!
One of my favorite video parts of all time!
They put on such a rad show.
'Til next time...
HamBone was hungry for some tacos at this point.
Afterwards, I went for a walk for some night time photography.
Good old downtown San Diego.
Then it was off to work the next day.
The bub Jakob with a new Heroin skateboard. Art work done by the bub Gareth Stehr!
The opening 50-50 grind is so sick!
Miss you Gary!
Ono-Grinds continues to rock my world.


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