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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- King Baby's Birthday Shit Show

Take in your surroundings and make lemonade!
Enjoy every meal, love every wise-cracking moment with your bubs and live to fight and eat and ride another day! No one else is gonna do it for you....
Minced bacon with the Ramen noodle. Been really into dressing up the noodles lately.
One can make a billion different meals with Ramen noodles! And they are under fifty cents a pack!
Jalapenos bagels toasted on a pan with some bacon grease.
Tis a beautiful sight.
Kids being kids. I was one once. Still am in most cases!
Pulled pork salad! I was feeling healthy yet satisfied after this meal!
After all, one needs the fiber. Good for the plumbing.
Like I said, I GOT SPOTS BABY!
Looks like such a fun grind! Gotta go back!
This photo makes me smile. He's all bug-eyed and furry and cute looking! Makes me feel gooshy inside.
Love me a good sandwich from a deli. The bread was amazing.
The bub Stewart riding his bike around in the rain. He was soaked.
Artsy fartsy drip, drip, drop.

Went to the Turf Club for King-Baby's birthday. Been a minute since I've been here.
Located at 1116 25th street, San Diego CA 92102 for all you foodies out there.

Please listen for your pleasure!
I've heard people complain about not wanting to come here and have to cook their own food. But you know what? I like standing over a grill with a cold Budweiser in my hand, cooking some meat.
And if you don't like grilling, then I don't know why your reading my blog.

Crowded table....
So I opted to stand over the warm grill and chow down!
Happy birthday King-Baby. You king of gourmet cooking, pints of Fireball/Vodka and hater of walking.
I wonder what he wished for..... Probably a slurpee.
Then it was slime-time.
Hopped on a bus to get to where we needed to be.
Thumbs up! He made it onto the bus!
Ten immediately passed the fuck out.
He was so drunk he could barely handle the turbulence of the bus ride.
Mike smash and splash!
Mike versus tree. Tree loses a branch, but gravity wins.
Then he decides to nap in the middle of the fucking road...... next to a fire station. Then an ambulance rolls up and the paramedics think he got hit by a car. Took a moment to convince the nice gentlemen to not waste their time. That he is just a drunk asshole, laying in the street.
Nothing they haven't seen before...
So I grabbed him by his feet and started to drag him onto the sidewalk and then the paramedics left.
The last thing this dope needs is a expensive ambulance ride to a hospital.
WhisketSlimeMike doing what he does best. Passing out in style!

On the walk home, I paid my respects to the FAE. Now known as the Baron Market.
Lots of good times were had here!

Lots of good times...

The next morning I awoke to this beautiful face.
Brothers from different mothers.
Hans AKA BornRetard AKA Nans AKA Coffe Can Nans AKA Gay-boy.
Been digging the tuna steaks lately!
Hadn't had Natty Ice in a while, and ya know what?
It still sucks. Tastes like Budweiser that's been sitting in your car on a hot summer day.



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