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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery-BA, Iggy, Hot Dogs and Hammer'd Time

Blah, Blah, Blah, been busy doing this shit....
Protector of the beer.
Wouldn't be a blog post with out any Filiberto's.
Backyard time.
Some enjoyed it more than others.
No matter wahat the teams, playoffs are always exciting to watch with a cold beverage.
The bub Tim getting high off the ground. No bump needed.
Fuck yea, Tim.
Laser beams,
More leaser beams.
Face off.
Biscuit lost the starring contest.
In N Out date with LadyLarb.
Pretty hyped on my new setup. It's nice to ride something different. Skateboarding can stay fresh that way.
These black wheels were once 65mm. I was hyped to see the difference in size. 
Makes me feel like I got my dollars worth.
These two condiments are now my favorite thing to put on a hot dog.
Tomato-bisque soup with some Ritz crackers. How sinful, OH MY!!!!!
Can't stop eating these things. Just ask my gut.
High Gravity. Someone was having a party!
Love this spot.
Clerk- "You want a fried egg on yer carnitas-poutine?"
Me- "Fuck yea!"
Only in Coronado. This just screams "Hey Officer, I'm wasted! Pull me over!"
More pussy sightings.
Yes ladies, he is single! However, the moustache has moved on.
Thanks Jeff.
North County somewhere. Probably Del Mar. 
Couldn't agree more.
Old spot outside the old Route 44 location is still alive and kicking!
Got here in time for happy hour. This place is much more fun during the day. Less people.
North Park.
Had me a few cold pints. They were delicious!
Ripley is still hanging in the inside of the bar.
Then the wife and I went to Crazee Burger for some burgers! Cheers babe!
I got the nacho burger with bacon on it. As is tradition.
Food porn.
I mowed it.
The next day I wound up in L.A, starring at this huge hubba Brian Anderson boardslid in Modus Operandi, a Transworld Magazine video.
Wait for it.... 
I loved the days of BA riding for Toy Machine, but that's the way it goes sometimes.
It took over 10 years for another skater to step up to this beast.
Hockey is pretty tight though.
Why am I in L.A. you ask?
To see Iggy Pop and Josh Hommer perform.
It was an amazing show. He played all the good Stooges hits.
Seats were pretty decent. Never sat up next to a railing like that before.
On our way to the car, gotta get a walking TJ dog.

A great adventure lays ahead.


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