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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Back To The Grind

Welcome back everybody!
I'm missing the vacation life, but it sure is good to be back home.
Back to the grind...
DiGorno pizza with some slice cherry tomatoes.
Cheers to more beers.
Morning hype and cereal. Old habits die hard.
Our YouTube channel has been updated!
Thanks Jeff!
Richmond street bridge has been demolished and cleared out. Too many people leaving their garbage around and tagging the spot up.
I prefer it like this anyway. The ledges are perfect.
Morning hype. I fucking love Toy Machine!
The illest skater ever.
B double E double R-U-N! Beer run!
Gluttonous pizza party.
Two Little Caesars deep dish pizza with the stuffed crust and one regular pie as well!
The deep dish pie was on point. Nice and greasy! the way I like it.
The bub.
It's complicated.
Tune out. Do what comes natural.
Mandatory waxing. Sometimes it feels like we are the only ones to do it.
Finally got around to trying this place.
The Texas toast was on point.
Huge salad.
Came with the gyro platter.
Skateboarding keeps getting gnarlier! Thrasher is the best at documenting the stoke.
Greasy burger time.
I'm hyped on this shirt. Plus the play offs were happening in the NHL and that shit is fun to watch!
Bottle bongs.
Cat food and Baileys Irish cream. We were going wild.
After. Not every day I get three yolks in two eggs.
I made a wish.
Seasoned chicken with grilled carrots and tomatoes.
My heart melts for this little man.
Jug of wine.
Too much tuna.
Ahi on the left. Albacore on the right. Huge difference in both taste and price.
Biscuit wants a bite of that burrito!
The next morning. My drunken aftermath. I have no recollection of this.
My shirt dawned the evidence of the Eatfiend.
The bub Larue, business as usual.
It's a falling stack of burgers.
Morning hype.
The kids are alright.
Oh yea, the old Carlsbad park has some coping on that long ledge they have there...
No one cares.


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