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Monday, June 13, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- EatFiend Abroad part 5 Munich

Another awesome adventure on this whole journey!
As is standard protocol, grab yerself a cold beverage and enjoy.
Neuschwanstein Castle. The same castle Walt Disney modeled Disneyland after.
Guest castle across the valley.
We took a tour of that one first.
Scenic views everywhere. So beautiful out here.
Cooks in the kitchen.
Imagine trying to attack this place only to get an arrow to the chest and doused in hot tar.
Taking this photo made my stomach ache. Jager days are behind me. 
Doesn't mean I'd say no to a shot of it if you offered it to me.
Salami sandwich, pretzel and beer. No complaints from this end.
Baked daily
The shit I find when I YouTube search "pretzel metal" and this pops up.
Metal makes everything a thousand times more fucking awesome.
Flat Ronnie came along for the trip.
He even photo-bombed the in-laws.
Photography was forbidden inside the castle. We took a tour and were heavily watched by tour guides.
No big deal. Just Google image it.
4 hours later and it was into the car with a beer!
Just sitting in the back seat, sipping a beer.
Life is pretty good.
Onward we went.
Arrived to our hotel and gawked at this thing in the hotel bar.
Oh yea, we were in Munich, Germany at this point. It was my second time here.
Came here for Oktoberfest back in 2011.
Spots everywhere.
Drunken recall. I remembered stumbling past this ledge in the middle of some drunken night back i 2011. I had to get a pic.
LadyLarb is in this picture somewhere.
She followed me to this little gem! No tranny = I'm gonna ollie a bunch.
Sweat out the beer a bit and skate up an appetite!
Jump I did.
Made me wish all my skate bubs were here skating with me, drinking beer and bull shitting.
Theresienwiese Skatepark. Had to take a picture for documentation.
After about two hours of shredding this started to hurt.
Should'a brought duct tape.
We took the train back since it was a 45 minute walk there. 
We were on a time limit.
Damage assessment.
Then I found these bad boys for 1 euro each!
It tasted like a 1 euro beer, but I was thirsty!
Then it was off for another adventure with the Thater-Tot clan.
Took a bus tour. Covered alot of ground in just under an hour.
Then it was off to a beer garden in the middle of a huge park.
Kinda like central park. There was a polka band playing, people sitting on picnic tables slamming beer after beer.....
........AND THE 
A little of this, a little of that! Don't wanna forget anything!
Fucking feast mode.
There is a polka band jamming away up there. Making the beer taste better, the braut's greasier and the pretzels chewier!
A little time lapse for ya!
Couple of pretzel-heads.
I kept one. Just as a momento.
Some drank and smoked alone. 
I wonder what he was pondering?...
Wash station.
Then it was a little wait by a small lake for the bus.
I had a little schnapps for the ride.
A little sippy-poo never hurt no one.

Continued in part 6.


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