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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Checking In At The Zoo and Kicking It With Stinky

More mandatory gluttony.
Rubicon deli is legit. Quick to make a sandwich and the chips are awesome.
Then it was off to the zoo for a while. We have a routine.
The grizzly bears were actually up and about.
Apparently they are picnic basket snatchers / brothers. So instead of them being shot because they don't fear humans, they were put into captivity.
Yogi and Boo-boo style.
They baby panda has grown quite big. Just under two years old.
Been digging the ramen noodle life lately. The fake cock-sauce ain't so bad either.
Jumping up on them bars put me in check from time to time.
National Donut Day. It's fun to look up the food calendar every now and then and just go for it.
Rare sighting of ItWasTheLight setting up a new quiver.
Too much time wasted trying darkslides....
Bachman street. The scariest hill I've ever bombed. Just held on. It was scary as fuck.
The DMV gets power washed periodically. It's crusty and dry as fuck all the time.
Y'know what isn't dry, but crusty? The Little Caesars deep dish pizza. It's fucking good and cheap.
Psycho Igby in a bowl.
Night watch.
Macaroni and beef mush.
In case you wanted to know where I stood politics-wise.
Can't get enough of Memo.
It's a park that makes me jump. Te kids are always hucking and it's fun to watch.
Post skate session snack break.
False advertisement. There are no green beans inside.
Have a bunch of these in the pantry. I figure I'll save a buck here and there gobbling them down.
For once, I got to sit in the back of the van.
This guy...
Gets drunk and talks shit and then doesn't take his shoes off when he passes out and this is what happens.
All systems go.
 Then the bub at the taco added his own touch to his forhead.
 It was fucking hilarious. He hardly knew that he had marker all over his face.
Zero fucks given.
The ritual of himself stuffing his face.


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