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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- EatFiend Abroad part 7 Wandering Salzburg

I woke up from a dreamin' while the rest of the world was a-screamin'.
Standing over a river I stood over 4 years before....
Except we crossed on that bridge.
Mozart and a chef.
Plenty of artists in Salzburg.
Back to the stage for another beer!
Different band this time around.
WWII fest.
The standing man sees all.
Sweet ride!
Just the way it should be!
Then we took a short lift ride up to the Hohensalzburg Castle.
The view was amazing once we were looking over the city below.
Audio tour.
Back when religious figures were more powerful than royalty.
Someday I'd like a statue of myself like this. 
Towering over my guests as they walk into my castle.
Bomber man.
Instruments of death.
Man choppers.
Private- "It's cold as shit up here!"
Sergant- "Shut up maggot."
Enough of that.
Time for another beer and to gaze at the Alps.
The wife was making this moment a most enjoyable one!
French-fried is so fried he's eating himself.
More grudge matches.
Which calls for more beer!
Back at the symphony stage of course!
Soaked up the sun 'til it was gone and enjoyed the music until it was done.
Free salmon sandwich! Yeeeeeeeee!
Mozarteum University.
It was a big university.
On our way to the next sight.
Mirabell Palace.
Another insanely well kept and beautiful garden.
Everything was full of life!
Clarinet man.
More flowers.
Man sleeping on a bed of flowers.
Back to the Bio-Burger! We went to this place two days in a row!
The only time I've ever had Stiegel has been in Austria. 
True words.
Yummy yummy!
Later that night the ladies retreated to bed early and Hank and I went back to the Celtic Corner for some more trouble! 
This photo the bartender took. Don't know why it came out blurry. 
Hank and I enjoyed a few sippy-poo's of this good stuff!
Can't wait to get my hands on a bottle back in the states.
Then later that night, I felt like it was a good time to hand wash my socks in the sink and drink beer.
What do ya want from me? 

I'm on vacation.


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