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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery-- EatFiend Abroad part 10 Final Chapter

More photos from the Bone Church...
Otherwise known as "Sedlec Ossuary".
Legend has it, the Bone Church was decorated with over forty thousand skeletons by a blind artist.
 When he finished his masterpiece, his vision miraculously came back!
 Yet metal as fuck!
 I took a buncha photos, so bare with me.
 The wife lit a candle for the dead.
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo, so spooky!
 Kinda wish there were bars decorated like this in the states.
For some reason it reminded me of Kadan's.

The Ossuary by Jan Svankmajer from Kyra on Vimeo.
Jan Svankmajer
Amazing what you can learn on Google. Never heard of him before, but I'm glad I found him.
 Some sort of coat of arms.
 Skulls are cool.
 Baby angel.
 Different ways heads were caved in.
 The corpses all hang headless and limp
Bodies with no surprises
The blood drains down like devil's rain
We'll bathe tonight
 I want your skull
I need your skull
Well I want your skull
Well I need your skull
 Demon I am and face I peel
See your skin turned inside out 'cause
Gotta have you on my wall
Gotta have you on my wall 'cause
 I want your skull
I need your skull
I want your skull
I need your skull
Collect the heads of little girls and
Put 'em on my wall
Hack the heads off little girls and 
Put 'em on my wall
 I want your skulls
I need your skulls
I want your skulls
I need your skulls

I want your skulls
I need your skulls
I want your skulls
I need your skulls
This thing again.
I want your skull!
 Main entry way.
 Cemetery on the outside.
Off on another walk to explore.
Crazy clouds.
 More skulls.
 Death comes a ripping.
 Another cathedral.
 It was so quiet out here. Peaceful.
 Random Czech dog I spotted.
 He made me jump right here.

He was eye-balling another dog walking by.

Then he kinda looked like he was getting ready to jump on me.
So I bailed.
 My last authentic eastern European meal before heading home.
I definitely drank my fill of beer!
 Then it was the long rode back to Frankfurt to fly home.
 Road soda!
 Then I reflected on the whole trip in the hotel lobby while I waited for the Thaeter-Tot clan.
 Dinner was tasty, especially since I crushed a few beers before-hand!
 The next day, we were lucky to cross the Atlantic ocean in business class.
  We were dusted. Cheers babe!
 Time to stare at this thing...
 ..... and get drunk!
 Dinner wasn't bad either. This whole trip fucking ruled.
 It had been 18 days since my last burrito.
I was fiending.
 Then I got down to some frisky business.
It's been real.
Real fun!

Life is good.



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