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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- EatFiend Abroad

Took off to Germany with LadyLarb for some vacation time....
EatFiend Abroad begins!
 First fucking class! We started making mimosa's in our mouths.
 Had some good reading material. The Away Days vid is tits.
 Flying out of Dallas, Texas. After getting drunk for a few hours I woke up floating over the Atlantic Ocean.
 Several shitty plane movies later, and a nice long talk with my friend Jack Daniels we were soon to be in Europe!
 Landed in Frankfurt, Germany. Took an hour long train ride to our destination.
 This ledge had all kinds of scratch marks on it. The territorial markings of a skateboarder. I was lugging around our bags and wanted to stop and shred this thing. I'm sure it's been in an old 411 video or something.
 Our hostel was unique. Very artsy decor. As is everything Europe.
 Not here for the view.
 The wife was suffering from jet-lag, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from finding the local skatepark. Just three blocks away! Frankfurt was already turning out awesome!
 This long ass bank was so fun to scratch grinds on.
 Mini hubba and all kinds of fun little things to bounce off of. I was in skateboard heaven!
 Killer bowl for the advance transition rider. I had nothing legit for it other than carving around.
Definitely gnarly though.
 The behemoth of a building looming above the skatepark is a bank.
 Cool tags and artwork everywhere. Love that skateparks are safe havens for taggers. 
 The stoke is out there! Get some!
 Frankfurt was a demolished during World War II. Apparently over 12 tons of bombs were droped on this town because it's where the Nazi's were building their tanks, planes, weapons etc.
 Now it mostly seemed like an industrialized town. Slowly growing back from the grave.
 Yep, rat tails and rip-stiks exist out here too. 
Throw that thing in the dumper.
 After skating the park I wandered into a local grocery store to but a jug of water and noticed how beautifully displayed their meat department was. I was pumped and ready to buy a grill!
 Fresh baked goods everywhere.
 Wandering around drunk with LadyLarb later in the evening and there is skate spots everywhere.
 This was a surrounding parking lot outside the huge bank.
 Then that feeling of knowing you've seen the spot before somewhere in a skate video kicks in.
 Bacon pasta and pizza for dinner. 
 Then it was on to the local bar for a night cap.
 We were stoked! Day one of the vacation was killing it!
 The next morning I was restless and up and ready to shred the skatepark again.
 Morning glass. Barely anyone around.
 We decided to take a long walk around and check out the sites.
 Stoked to have such an awesome wife that wants to get out and wander like I do.
 Cool rusty stuff everywhere we went.
 Bridge drinking!
 The Larb was present.
 Destination known.
 Beautiful sites everywhere.
 It was early in the morning and barely any people were around.
 The making of the beer, it appears.
Religion everywhere. 
 This was a sign to a bar.
 This pic for some reason reminds me of National Lampoon's "European Vacation".
 "The Americn" breakfast platter.
 Beauty is in the eye of the sandwich eater.
 Napping on the job.
 Discard your garbage here.
 Wonder if this was leveled?
 Apparently there is a Red Light district here in Frankfurt, but we never saw it.
 Thinking of you Stinky!
 It was a really beautiful city.
 Even more beautiful with my wife in the picture!
 No idea what the hell this sign meant.
 Beep beep!
 This was a damn good lager.
 Weary traveler.
 Dinner spot.
 Chicken salad.
Gyro pizza. This was fucking bomb.

Our first two days on vacation have been top notch!

'Til next blog....


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