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Monday, June 6, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- EatFiend Abroad part 2- Wurzberg

Installment number two is here! 
Grab a beer! 
Chug a beer!
Beer is pretty much mandatory when ever yer about to go someplace.
What's your poison?
Mine is beer.
Am I at a casino?
Nope, I'm at a bar call "Food Rockers" with these two! It was recommended by the hotel front desk. I misunderstood through his accent and thought he suggested "Fuddruckers".
Screw it, I'm just looking for a place to slam beers at 11 o'clock at night. 
Sleep was not even a factor.
Shredded these fun little banks.
Not grindable at all.
Meat on the rocks. I can dig it.
Then it was time to get acquainted with our transportation for the next 14 days.
Patches of yellow flowers everywhere. The autobahn was nice to us.... most of the time.
Off to do some touristy stuff. This is a palace in Wurzberg.
The gang was geared up and ready to go.
This is one of those "No Photography" tours, but that didn't stop me from snapping a few shots.
Imagine walking down these stairs in yer underwear at six in the morning just to get a glass of water because yer hungover from a night of hunting and guzzling wine and beer.
Must'a been nice.
This whole mural told a story. Buy a book if you want to know it.
War, as old as man.
It's a stove bigger than my refrigerator.
Had to get a picture of me and all this bling!
Dude getting smashed with a rock. Lord of the Flies, style.
Tiny people in a huge hallway.
Everything here was huge.
People worked their whole lives painting this thing. I'm sure they never starved while doing it.
The old spear-thru-the-nose routine.
I'll have a candle lit dinner for two please.
Oh yea, Wurzberg was demolished in the Second World War. On March 16, 1945 about 90 percent of Wurzberg was destroyed by 225 British Lancaster bombers. Civilians (and military hospitals) were killed.
Watch "The Monuments Men". It will explain everything.
Hank, a true fan of military history is thankful for these men.
Party in the back yard.

Upper deck.

My camera phone wasn't worth a damn when it comes to the real beauty of this place.
Our route! Top to bottom.

It's a long way to the top if ya wanna rock and roll.


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