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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- EatFiend Abroad part 6 Salzburg

EatFiend Abroad continues.....
....This time being spat out of Germany and shot into Austria.
The clan was ready for more!
Back at it with the Thaeter-Tot clan.
The sun was setting.
Old German coo-coo clock.
At random times, I would feel like I was at Disney World.
Man is mighty!
Time for a beer.
That's better.
Beer wench.
Lots more.
Bottoms up.
Time to keep moving.
Tired feet. No big deal.
High end.
LadyLarb on the right twerking in the hall way.
We keeps it weirds.
Then we were off to Salzburg, Austria. I was happy to encounter this salami and jalapeno greasy pie!
Fish on a stick.
Found a beer garden and decided to soak up some tunes!
Walk around and enjoy the sights.
The standing man.
Intense chess match between two old foes, well into the night.
Hopefully I'll be able to spend my last days relaxing like this.
Death is lurking.
Feed me.
This way please......
Nice little Irish bar we found right by our hotel. Reminded me a lot of The Field.
Drunk and fartsy, I guess.
More beer!
Late night ritual of stuffing ones face. That'll happen.


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