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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- EatFiend Abroad part 4 Partying In Fuessen

Punch yer ticket and take the ride!
The small city, Fuessen, on our way to Salzburg, Austria.
Cheers... more....
Beautiful churches eveywhere.
This lady was slowly painting detail to this water fountain. Not sure if it was new or being rebuilt due to the corrosion of time.
Meat wagon.
Took a walk along a wall that surrounds this small town. It was rad.
Church in the middle. We walked around a lot.
Annabanana poking her head out the side window.
No religion. No masters.
Mandatory Thaeter-Tot Clan photo.
Archer window.
By the time we got done touring the wall and made it back to the church, the woman painting was now inside the fountain adding gold trim.
Lunch break.
"Don't like pilsner's? FUCK OFF!"
This was one of the less snobby/pretentious beer reviews I found on YouTube.
I dig this dudes style. I love how he just breaks from the review and starts asking his phone ridiculous questions. Fucking awesome.
More awesomeness.
Free range kitties!
Tower of madness.
Our hotel patio overlooked this beautiful river.
Factory smoke stack looming on the left.
A whole other world out here.
Found this sick place called "Laura's Schiffwirtschaft", all kinds of people that looked like skaters were hanging around outside. I approached them to see what was going on and it turns out they were premiering a local homey-skate-vid at their local watering hole!
We'll be back later tonight for the show!
More beautiful architecture.
Uplifting colors. I'm sure it helps on gloomy days like this.
More standard Bavarian homes.
This hag had nothing to say. She just kept smirking at me.
Love me some owl action.
Later on we went back to the Laura's Schiffwirtschaft, paid a 8 euro donation to help upkeep their local indoor skatepark and we were in! I immediately saw a foosball table and felt like I was inside the Cherry Bomb! 
Psych-rock band playing a show before the video premiere.
As you can see, the lead singer played the bongos!
Then they closed their show playing "Purple Rain" for the late-great Prince. 
Then it was video premiere time! I love skate premiere's. It's like skateboard-church to me.
Ultimate stoke!
Job well done fellas!
The locals were hyped!
Slightly hungover, breakfast was great.
An amazing experience....
....Part 5 coming tomorrow!


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