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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- EatFiend Abroad part 9 Prague

Heavy adventure time in Prague.
Beware of pick pockets and growling locals.
The next morning I met a local house guest.
His name was Benji. 
We nicknamed him "Benjiballs". It just seemed to fit.
He came around eventually.
More sight seeing.
Observing how people eat.
Beer time.
Life is good.
Gates to royalty.
Fuck Stalin.
These statues signified how badly Stalin treated his people.
Old school record player.
A restaurant we ate at. It was cool because it was under ground.
When we sat down we each received our own jar filled with pickled veggies.
Just dump that shit right onto yer plate.
Those black peas I think were peppercorns.
Pork knee. This was the peak of my eating journey. Something I had never had before.
Served on a chopping block, with a fork and knife stuck in it.
I mowed it.
Czech food art.
My babe.
It took a few lifetimes to complete this cathedral.
So massive.
It was slowly in the process of being washed.
Pretty cool piece I saw on a fence.
Statue of a boy with a golden penis. The penis was golden because people kept walking up to it for a photo opportunity, then they would rub it's member. Quite odd.
The Blarney Stone of the Czech Republic I guess.
More breath taking views of beautiful architecture.
All around us.
More beer please!
This little sheet of paper with different sized beers is how the bar wench kept track of our tab.
Tourists, merchants and locals everywhere.
Beautiful people everywhere...
We were told that these people were junkies.
The needle and the damage done.
Euro Van Vugt. This made me laugh so fucking hard.
Some sort of deep fried cinnamon cone filled with ice cream. It was delicious.
Notice the junkie begging on the right.
Gathering of the masses.
Watched the World Clock do its thing at 6 p.m.
Kind of uneventful.
Pretty amazing though.
Yummy yummy!
You bet yer ass I filmed it!
Secret doorway...
Hank was hyped!
To a beer garden!
 Between some old buildings.
Cheers everyone! Such a great crew!
Went on a trek for some grub afterwards.
Snapping photos on the way.
Best fucking Doner sandwich of the trip! Thanks Ryan!
The beer was cheaper than the food. Needless to say, I filled my pockets.
The next day, on our way to Stalin Plaza!
A street skaters paradise. People were ripping/ Seemed like everyone here was doing nosegrind 180's.
Railroad track to do some boardslides on!
Buttery marble and granite ledges everywhere.
Just looking at these pics makes me wanna go back again.
The locals were really good.
See LadyLarb reading her book?
The locals just tore up the stairs and built the ledges outta them.
Why? Because Fuck Stalin, that's why.
Every pro has jumped down this set.
I miss Bam.
We grabbed some beers and made our way down and waited for the train. It was about a half hour commute from our spot. So lucky to have such an amazing wife that will come skating with me.
Straight to the brewery across the street for some pork schnitzel, potato salad and pickles.
The parental units were having a blast too.
Time for dessert!
Our view of the Zizkov Television Tower. AKA the baby tower.
Literally babies crawling on that thing.
Went back to Stalin Plaza for some more skate action.
No one around this early in the morning.
Then this shit happened.
That was the risk I was taking, taking a board with a cracked truck.
Its all good though! I was hyped to shred the legendary spot.
I skated up an appetite and we broke down for some McDonalds.
Tastes just like McD's back home.
Later on, we drove to the world famous bone church.
Minus the chandelier. It was being repaired.
Nos bigs deals.

Continued in part 10.


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