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Monday, June 20, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- EatFiend Abroad part 8 Vienna

The next day we packed our gear and hit the road heading east for Vienna!
After checking into our hotel, we went for a walk and I found this sweet little gem!
Less than a mile away from our spot!
Standard and abstract, I was psyched to get some grinds in!
The surface of the ramps was a little slick due to the fact that I was there early in the morning.
I wanted to get my grind on!
I didn't fuck with this thing.
Slick ass metal ramp.
Back and forth. Not really the type of park you could just cruise and do circles, but it's better than nothing.
I've seen way worse.
Then it was off to tour the city!
The architecture kept making me imagine that I was in a secret spy movie.
Going to infiltrate the Dr. Evil's evil empire.
A river runs through it.
I think this was Parliament.
There was nothing funny about it.
Statues and monuments everywhere. The city was very clean.
Yummy yummy!
More of an art out here.
This guy had a matching throat beard and a red Hitler 'stache.
St. Stephens Cathedral
Everywhere we go, there is always a damn scaffolding on any church in any major city.
This sucker was tall. Kinda reminded me of you would build a sand castle with mud.
You'd just let it drip off your hand and let it pile up and it looks like a mud castle.
Then you get closer and start to notice how intricate it is.
This little kid merry-go-round had a Dumbo ride that had a skateboard incorporated into it.
It made me hyped.
Kitties, I was missing mine.
Meat party.
Fighting the 4? headed serpent,
Oh the places you'll go...
Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
Because this man was assassinated, it sparked World War I.
I like how the clouds look in this picture.
Went back for more.
Can't remember the name of this place, but I can tell you that it is the first place Mozart. at age 6, performed his first concert.
Everything was bigger during the classical period.
I'll follow her anywhere.
Ideally I wanted to jump in. But noooooooooooooooooooooooooo...
Let's head back, shall we?
After a few hours in the car we had arrived into Prague, Czech Republic!
Needless to say, we were very hungry.
Pork belly with gravy, shredded pickled red cabbage, bread dumpling and some grass.
This meal was amazing after a long day of walking and touring, 
A much needed beer. It is customary to have your beer served with some head (foam). 
Normally I would be bummed on this, but since beer in Prague is cheaper than bottled water, I didn't give a rats ass. CHEERS!
Back at the sister-in-laws top story apartment, I was making friends.
Cheers kitty cat!
He came in and gave me some kitty therapy.
As I mentioned before, I was missing mine.


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